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Originally Posted by K20C View Post
Iíve played guitar for many years. Last Fall I thought Iíd branch out and I bought a mandolin and an octave mandolin. After some initial enthusiasm, the mandolin just isnít doing it for me like Iíd hoped and the octave mandolins sounds a bit too much like my 12 string. So both are just sitting in the corner. My point is, try whatever instrument you want to buy as much as possible before you jump in.

One additional thought. Perhaps a 12 string kept in an alternate/open tuning. Different sound and nice wide fretboard.
Yeah thatís nail-on-the-head as to how I feel, too. I have a mandolin and some ability with it, or so Iím told, but itís not got enough bottom end (of course) ó it feels like itís Ďoverí my voice, rather than my voice is in the mix of the instrument.

Iím quite a full-range player, my guitar is my band, if that makes sense, you get an idea from these:

So Iíve decided to commission a baritone 12 string in November (if I can save enough to afford it) and also going to pick up a Hora-made Guitar-zouki to see how I like that, itís pretty cheap and Iíll see how I find it.

I think a baritone 12 will be quite interesting to experiment with tunings.

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