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Originally Posted by Corndog View Post
I've wondered about the adjustable bridge on Emeralds as well.
Some questions that come to mind are:

If this is a good idea, why don't we see these on other acoustic guitars?
After all, this is far from an original idea.
With few rarities, even the avant-garde makers aren't using them.

If they are the way to go, why does Emerald not make them standard?
It certainly isn't out of a holding to tradition, that's not Emerald's bag.
They are bundled with the Ghost Piezo pickup, when ordered. Seemingly out of necessity.
I do think its part of the Ghost pickup package, its part of what makes it work. Would they offer it on its own? I kind of doubt it. I looked and Graphteck doesn’t seem to offer the more typical acoustic saddle that is in my Wechter guitar above. The Ghost system is intended to add an acoustic voice to an electric guitar by the piezo replacement bridge and a preamp that duplicates acoustic sound. Its also capable of adding midi if that upgraded preamp is added. That gives Emerald a lot of flexibility in their hybrid guitars.
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