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Default Fender ToneMaster Deluxe Reverb DI

I subscribe to too many guitar newsletters. The latest Guitar World "The Pick" had several articles on digital amplification including a picture of Mike McCready of Pearl Jam using a mic'd ToneMaster Deluxe Reverb live. Why the microphone when his and my TMDR amp have two built-in IR cabinet emulation settings: Shure SM57 and Royer 121?

I plugged my TMDR into my QSC CP8. The CP8 was sitting on the floor with it's default EQ setting. Nothing sounded as good as the TMDR through its Jensen speaker. In decreasing goodness:

TMDR Jensen > Mustang Micro DR amp w/spring reverb CP8 > TMDR DI Royer CP8 > TMDR DI SM57 CP 8 > TMDR DI no IR CP8

Mostly what I felt I was losing was that Fender sparkle. Even the spring reverb sounded less good as you descend the above list. Possibly putting the CP8 up on a stand or using its floor monitor EQ setting would be better. I made no attempt to tweak the tone control settings on the TMDR (bass 5, treble 7, firmware that retains the bright cap) or Mustang Micro (tone on middle "white" setting).
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