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Originally Posted by Methos1979 View Post
Great info, Jim - thanks. The above two graphs were standouts. We have gone to a bunch of dealerships and just done walkthroughs of the various Class A, B, C offerings. We don't plan to travel with more than just the two of us. Not even any pets. It's all still very early in the planning stages. Not even planning but more consideration stage. I've frequented a few RV forums and lots of good info there as well. A few people recommended renting some RV's for some trips to see what works for you. Make sure it's really for you. I like that idea as well.

By the time we are in a position to be able to actually do it (retirement, still several years away) we might not be riding that much by then anyway. Who knows? But it just seemed like a better alternative to both of us than to sell everything and move south to a fixed location that you might have to abandon a couple times a year due to weather! Besides, there's a lot of places I'd like to see around the country still. Living on a boat always sounded romantic and fun but the wife has never been too keen on that.

Thanks again for the insights.
Hi Methos,
We have an RV as well, purchased used after renting.You would be welcome to come see it anytime as you get closer to doing it, and we will be glad to share our lessons learned so far, seems only fair as you have let me have at your guitars.
BTW-the CF goes really really well with an RV.
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