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Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
What Tom Bsox said!!! What a lovely tone. Great playing too...

How was it recorded? With my high end headphones it sounds like I am holding it!

But the playing is better... haha!

Spectacular all the way around. Way to go Gentlemen!!!


Thanks so much, Paul! We took it down to church, and simply aimed a podium mic at it. There was no attempt to EQ it or play with mic placement.
We could (really should) spend more time/care with this aspect of the build. Sort of like photography...we could do so much better.
But, one gets an idea of the sound, which is at least the intent.
Thanks again to you, and to you as well, Tom. Glad you liked it!
You do know, however, that I would have totally choked had I been playing at your Dad's funeral!


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