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Originally Posted by jim_pridx View Post
Late to the party here, but this looks like great fun! See y'all there!
Jim makes it the second person coming from Wisconsin, the place of my birth. Jim also frequents the town my Dad grew up in and I visited 3-4 times a year growing up! That makes it quite special for me that you are coming Jim. My Uncle Jim lived on Fulton Street as did my Grandfather!

So for those keeping track, we have representation from England in Michael Watts. We have luthiers coming from California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Alabama! We have Gerry Humphrey coming from Minnesota. We have guests coming from NY, NJ, WI, CO, NV, CA, MO, MA, and TX. Let me know if I forgot anyone's states!

So exciting, we have a great group of folks signed up, but still have room. The only thing we are getting tight on would be private lessons with Michael, but still have a few spots open for that. Plenty of room for the event and the workshop left!
PS. I love guitars!