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More good stuff, folks; thanks. Some fundamentals are definitely emerging here, and they are familiar because, Im sure, theyre true. One being keep writing! Even the Beatles wrote some clunkers and if any among us thinks were going to bat .800 with our songs, Im sure were sadly mistaken. Id think that a 1-in-10 songs being a keeper is a pretty good batting average. And thats an issue with me expectations are too big and when you dont attain them, you discourage yourself. The idea of getting ideas down right away is of course a big one and I use my phone, as well as pen and paper, to do that. Capture even little nuggets when they appear. I do that both with audio and lyrical ideas. I just have to do more of it, and keep the ball moving, doing it regularly and consistently. I also loved the thought of creativity being an unpredictable visitor definitely true, and all the more reason to practice the above habits again, regularly and consistently.

Keep em coming; I know many of us will be reading....

And LaughingBoy six good tips and one funny one!
- Sean

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