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I recently picked up a Katana 100 mk2 to use with a new electric guitar (a PRS S2 Custom 24).

Since I was planning to use the new electric in the same band in which I've been playing an acoustic with heavy effects, I was hoping that the Katana acoustic channel would let me use the amp for both guitars.

So far, so good. I just got an A/B/Y switch so I can plug both guitars into the Katana, and the Katana footswitch lets me switch between electric and acoustic patches easily.

I don't know how the Katana would work for a more conventional acoustic guitar application (I doubt I'll ever need that given that it has no mic input for singing), but for the above purposes, the Katana actually beats out the sound I was getting with my Fishman Loudbox artist. The Loudbox sounds really good, but the Katana beats it in this context (atmospheric, psychedelic improv.).

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