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Originally Posted by Marty C View Post
Anyone used this with a Taylor ES.2? I donít really want this for the convenience. I want it for safety. I once ordered a Martin with A beautiful sunburst finish. I had it for about a month. I walked off stage after sound check and didnít realize my guitar cable was wrapped around my ankle. I pulled the guitar off the stage. Lots of dings, scratches and cracks. I was sick.

Just purchased a new Higher end Taylor. In my experimenting at home, I am changing preamps, adjusting sound on my Bose and I am concerned I do this again. I get excited, get in a hurry and I am afraid I move too quickly.

I have a less expensive wireless I purchased on Amazon. Works okay for my passive pickups, but creates a brittle sound on my active (Martin and Taylor). I would love to have a reliable wireless, that didnít degrade the great tone I am getting. This way I have no cables to trip over!

Would love to know how this might work with the ES.2. I would even try the Xvive unit.
The system in my video will work great!
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