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Does it give you a nice dirty sound with your Tele?

Originally Posted by Rpt50 View Post
I was previously told by a GC employee that the "acoustic" setting on the Boss Katana 50 amp in the electric amp section was an "emulation", rather than a setting for acoustic-electric guitars. I later found out from the Boss website that he was wrong (I know...shocking). Anyway, I went back today and set up the Katana 50 and the Fishman Loudbox mini right next to each other in the acoustic room. Much to my surprise, as I really like the Fishman, I think the Boss amp sounded a little better. It was fuller and more robust! The fact that it costs $110 LESS and sounds great with my Tele makes it a no-brainer--the Boss is coming home with me.

Anyway, if you are looking for a budget acoustic amp like I was, don't overlook the Katana models that reside in the electric guitar amp section.
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