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Not unlike the first scratch/nick on a car.

Had my brand new van (which I converted to stealth camper) and was on a road trip with rest area/truck stop naps. Spent too much time finding a "safe place". Not safe as in crime, but safe as in don't get hit.

Parked 25' behind a box truck. Remember thinking.... "I hope he doesn't back up".....

In the middle of the night I am awoken to BOOOOM and an earth quake. He had backed up, and into me. Talk about an adrenaline rush.....

Jumped out in my nighties and snow boots (about 20 out there) and got to my front same time the driver did. Young kid, visibly upset about the whole thing. I surveyed the damage which was no more than a 6" scrape on the plastic bumper. I said... "That the bosses truck?" "Yeah....." I said... "Go.... it's not worth the paperwork or you getting in trouble." He thanked me profusely and left. I went back to bed.

At that point the truck was just my truck and not my new shiny truck.

All good.
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