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Originally Posted by tippy5 View Post
Thank you for the NAMM info. I was invited to go for the first time. But my knee is out and had to pass. I resonated with many of your findings. I will look into the Guild Maple 55's. Nothing like a crisp, yet lush, maple tone.

Super props for Tom Anderson Guitar Works. Nothing is as easy to play. I have been to their factory many times. Feel confident that they are super responsive to all customers. I have bought 100 electrics and nothing comes close.

Going to enjoy the LL Baggs research coming ahead.
You are so right! Tom's Guitars are fantastic.
And Tom and Taylor were among the first (if not the first) to experiment with UV coatings for guitars. Many Claim big thanks to them, for their introduction of this now standard finish.
Here is a treasure of mine that Tom & and his Number 1 Benny, made as a gift to me way back in the 90's.
And here is a Custom Schector that was made for me Back in the 80's when Tom worked at Schector. I will be selling the Maple one I never play electrics anymore.
But I will never get rid of his incredible Tele he made for me. Hopefully I will get back into electrics someday once again.
Well if you have been to his factory, then you must be a native Californian as well like myself?
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