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I like Taylor 12 string guitars. A lot.

While they have cutaways (they really don't ruin a nice guitar), you should check out any of Taylor's relatively recent Grand Concert models. I think think most of them are unslotted 12 fretters, of the half dozen or so made.

Taylor also made a few in the Grand Auditorium and Grand Symphony 14 fret sizes over the years.

Even if you don't want a larger one, try out one of the Grand Orchestra model 12s. especially with a rosewood body, just to see what they sound like. The necks on all of Taylor 12s are 1+7/8" if I'm not mistaken.

While I wouldn't ignore one of those GC 12s, the rosewood Grand Orchestra is my favorite.

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99 Taylor 355 sitka/sapele 12 string Jumbo
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14 Taylor 818e sitka/rosewood Grand Orchestra
05 Taylor 512ce L10 all mahogany Grand Concert
09 Taylor all walnut Jumbo
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16 Taylor 412e-R sitka/rosewood GC
16 Taylor 458e-R s/rw 12 string GO
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