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Similar situation for me. The original strings on my Yamaha FGX5 were Elixir PBs and were on the dead side. That's what's on them from the factory but i got the guitar used. I put some PB J16s on it and it was still too dull to my ears. Went to my local shop to get some Elixir 80/20 Bronze Nanowebs but they were out so i took some cheap EJ 11s. The guitar really came to life. Not too mellow and not too bright. Just right. I'm a Taylor guy so I'm used to bright and i wanted to go a different direction with this mahogany Yamaha. I wanted a warm tone but not too muted. These strings really balanced it out well. A little bit of bright and i was able to retain the warm sound. Jury is still out on how long they'll last. I'm gonna try that Elixers next time since they last a long time. But i really liked these.
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