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I've felt like an imposter before. When I first started playing at the church I'm playing now the musicians seemed light years beyond me. Every week I thought I would be kindly told that I just wasn't cutting it. Now five years later I'm the main electric lead.

I still feel like an imposter though and have the occasional anxiety attack. I've given it great thought as of late and I think we take ourselves too seriously sometimes. I, for one, am a serious type A perfectionist. I was that way in my first career as a newspaper photographer and it seems that I've carried that attitude to playing guitar. I think what some of us, myself included, do is that we lose sight of the joy we may bring to others with our playing. I would venture to say that that may be more important than our own tally of mistakes we might keep count of up there. My feeling is that music is a gift to the world. It certainly brings more joy than hate. If we focus on that maybe we aren't imposters at all but part of something that makes the world better.

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