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Your post hits close to home. I also had imposter syndrome while I was working on my Ph.D in vertebrate zoology. Heck, I still get it sometimes despite recently earning tenure at 32-years-old. My wife is a respected doctor, and she even gets the occasional feeling of inadequacy.

Regarding guitar, I don't have imposter syndrome because I'm not even good enough to pretend to be a musician. I began playing at 12, but I never progressed past a low-level intermediate player. Within a couple of hours or less, I can learn the rhythm for just about any country or pop song I hear on the radio. I know most of my E- and A-shape barre chords, and I can even work out a few leads if I spend enough time watching YouTube, but when it comes to John Mayer-type leads or Bluegrass, forget about it. I also don't know enough theory to play in a band, primarily because I can't change key on the fly.

I have a couple of friends who are professional guitarists; their skills blow my mind. But I will say this, they always tell me I'm the lucky one because I have a steady job.
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