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Originally Posted by MikeBmusic View Post
Yes, I can go higher, if its worth it!

As to the inputs - I'd like to be able to keep my keyboard plugged in (2 line-ins, rather than preamp-ed inputs).
Can't remember the last time I used 2 mics + the pickup to record an acoustic.
Hi MBm

The MOTU M4 is a great USB-C (can go from USB-C to USB-2 with supplied cable) and it has 2 Combined (XLR/1/4" with preamp) inputs, plus two balanced ¼" inputs on the back of the unit.

I used MOTU interfaces in the studio (and out) for over 10 years. This is a great and newly designed interface for $220 USD.

Says it supports Windows 7, 8, 10

MOTU preamps are some of the best. This may be a prosumer product, but it works well, and seems above average.

If you only need 2 inputs, then the M2 is basically the same with 2 in/out for $170 USD.

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