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Originally Posted by Neil K Walk View Post
I want to put myself out there and play some senior living residences in the area so my practice routine is increasing. I need to blow the rust off the songs I know. I’ve been taking stock of my repertoire via a spreadsheet and looking to spread it out with more songs in the same genres. At this point I’ve been playing long enough that it’s not so much about mastering songs but being able to remember their “bones” so that I can flesh them out and put my own spin on them. I’m trying to learn more R&B type of stuff to sprinkle in folk and pop songs from the 60s through the 90s.
Good for you Neil! The world shrinks to very little for so many seniors. Friends pass on, names and faces of the living are forgotten, and mobility diminishes - sometimes completely.

But music remains a comforting, colorful landscape to explore and revisit fondly. Ironically, I've reached the age where some of the people I would potentially play for in senior centers today might've danced to my noisy bar bands back in the '70s. Same songs too!

Thank you for the inspiration. I think I'd like to put a set together and do what you're doing.
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