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I am absolutely nowhere near good enough for the instruments I own.
Trust me, this is not feigned humility; this is fact.
I am of the camp that feels fine instruments rightfully belong in the hands of those who can do them justice.
(To this point, it has occurred to me more than once to seek out young devoted 'talents' and gift them a better guitar than they can afford ...)
Yes, at this point I can afford the guitars I own without undue duress or letting anything "slip" financially.
I consider myself quite fortunate to be in such a position and I thoroughly enjoy my guitars and this forum, but I do feel like a bit of an imposter for my lack of expertise.
I am one of those who took an extended sabbatical, tended to life, and then came back. To be perfectly honest, I do think I have the raw materials to become respectable in time - what I don't have is enough time left on the orb ...
So I play for myself, enjoy the little bit I can do, and do my best to appreciate each hour I have with this great pastime.

All in all, it's actually pretty cool ...

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