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Working right now on:
- It's Just Another Day (McCartney)
- Castles Made of Sand (Hendrix)

Always played Strat and Les Paul in hobby cover bar bands. Easy to hide out in plain sight amid the noise of bass, another guitar, vocals, keys, drums, effects, etc.

But going deaf from decades of volume abuse and unwilling to make it worse, I was forced to quit electric. Now I'm working out acoustic arrangements of the classic rockers, ballads and blues I could never talk a band into taking on.

Tons of fun. Can't read music, so I get to explore and "invent" new chords I never tried before. No idea what to call them since "D with a thumb-wrap" is already taken.

For the bucket list, I plan to finish learning how to play (properly):
- Classical Gas
- Here Comes the Sun (Capo on 7)

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