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Default Changed strings to ej11 80/20 on my Taylor 214ce-k dlx and....

....all my heavy picks now sound dull and lifeless? I've been using the stock Elixirs on the guitar since I bought it and typically use heavy or extra heavy celluloid, 1.0 -1.5 primetones, 1.00mm nylon, etc.

I decided to shake things up and try a set of 80/20's. Never played anything but phosphor bronze. I picked the D'addario ej11's because they were cheap and if didn't like them I wouldn't feel to bad. I put them on last night and I am surprised. The bass is deeper, the treble is sweeter. However, if I use anything other than a medium celluloid or .73 or .88 nylon they guitar sounds like it has a blanket over it. I'm not a big fan of such flexible picks, but there is no denying they sound the best with this guitar with these strings right now.

After a day of playing, I'm surprised how much I am liking them considering how many threads I've read about 80/20's here and how unpopular they seem. Any thoughts on this phenomenon I'm experiencing?
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