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Originally Posted by peter.coombe View Post
So John, what would you do with an inexpensive Japanese guitar with ~ 6cm break across the grain in the top. The guitar is unplayable, but has great sentimental value to the owner. The break is angled off from the bass end of the bridge. Looking inside with a mirror, the X brace has been broken under the treble end of the bridge and repaired before, but there is oodles of glue that looks like Titebond all over the brace and on the top around the brace and on the bridge plate and under the break visible on the top. So much glue that it would be impossible to glue anything near it without a major glue removal effort. Difficult and very time consuming ($s) to do through the sound hole.
Peter, I have respect for your work and I have seen your mandolins, but, I would not use a bridge doctor to fix whats described in your scenario, not ever.

A bridge doctor is a device aimed at guitar techs IMO who do little to no luthery work.

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