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Originally Posted by Troll View Post
Disregard....30 minutes of research has told me all I need to know. Iíll pass on this one. Thanks anyway, go on with your day😎
Good choice. On a student guitar I'd say go for it, but for something of value it's essentially extra weight. IME the more lightly built the guitar the clearer the tone. The BD is essentially extra weight that reminds me of how we used to shore up leaks on wooden ships.

Personally, I'd be interested to see if there were a way to redesign the BD so that it wasn't so hefty. I've seen independent luthiers follow similar concepts with carbon fiber bracing running from the neck block to the inside of the waist to counter tortional stress at the neck joint. The BD does nothing to address a degrading neck angle; it merely immobilizes the bridge.
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