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Originally Posted by raysachs View Post
And some young gal in a Patriots sweatshirt walks over to me and doesn't bother to even acknowledge that the Eagles beat the Patriots - she started off by saying "get back to me when you've won FIVE of them"!
I think the most notable word in that sentence is "young". As a Pats fan for 40+ years who grew up 20 minutes from Foxborough, I'm not unhappy there will be a thinning of the herd of fans who decided they liked the Patriots (and the Red Sox) around 2003 or 2004. Anyone who's been around long enough to remember the aluminum benches at Schaefer/Sullivan/Foxboro Stadium understands this has been something special and likely won't been seen again. There was a time when we were just happy to be playing meaningful games in December. I'm enjoying it for all it's worth, and I figure anything after Brady's 2008 knee injury is gravy.)

So no, we're not all like that, and I'm guessing not all Eagles fans would throw snowballs at Santa Claus either.

That Eagles team had a great, gutsy run. (When the Super Bowl pairing was set, I remember a young - again with the young - colleague crowing about how the Eagles didn't stand a chance. Right, I said, when has a team with a back up quarterback come in and upset the hottest offense in the league? Oh yeah, 2001 Pats over the Rams.)

Ray - Belated congratulations from a Pats fan and good luck this post-season.
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