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Originally Posted by AmericanEagle View Post
Wow, the Pats haters are out in full force.
How is it that acknowledging the Pats have had the greatest run in NFL history, have the best coach in NFL history, and among the best quarterbacks in NFL history makes someone a Pats hater?

I understand that if you're a long time New England dweller who was there through the lean years and who's been riding this wave with them for nearly 20 years (TWENTY YEARS!) you'd still be a fan. It almost never happens - you can maybe point to the Yankees over the years, the Celtics during the Auerbach years, UCLA during Wooden as comparable, but even the justly revered Vince Lombardi would be in awe of what the Pats have done. Maybe they should rename it the Belichek trophy after he retires... So I get why you're a fan - I would be too.

But surely you must understand why fans of the many other fine franchises out there, even while respecting fully what the Patriots have done, would be righteously sick and tired of seeing them continue to do it and anxiously await the fall of the current empire... If they're NOT your team, and they're obviously NOT the team of the vast majority of football fans, you'd be sick of them too. The story line in the NFL has been boringly predictable lately. One of these years father time is gonna finally take his full toll on Tom's miraculously maintained youth and the NFL will be more fun for "the rest of us" than it has been over the past many years. That's not HATING anyone, it's just being sick of the team that's effectively been the bully of the league for a loooooong time.

I'm a Philly guy, but I'm lucky enough to spend winters down in North Carolina near one of our daughters, and I was down here two years ago when the Eagles pulled out a Super Bowl win, FINALLY JUST ONE SINGLE SUPER BOWL WIN (after decades of futility despite some great teams). You can't imagine how that felt unless you were old enough to have experienced the same futility with the Pats and then that first one over the Rams probably felt about the same. Jeez, I enjoyed seeing the Pats emerge - the young team finally overtaking the older superpowers in the game and putting their stamp on it. They were great, it was exciting. I was happy for them and for all of their fans even though I was a Vermeil fan (see, "Philly guy"). So a week or so after that game, I already had my Eagles Super Bowl hat or sweatshirt or something, and I'm in a bar down here with my wife and daughter and now son in law, just having a nice day. And some young gal in a Patriots sweatshirt walks over to me and doesn't bother to even acknowledge that the Eagles beat the Patriots - she started off by saying "get back to me when you've won FIVE of them"!

I know not all Patriots fans are that obnoxious. Well, I'm pretty sure. OK, I'm guessing some aren't. But that's another downside of dynasties and empires. Their fans get a real sense of entitlement that's very VERY ugly and will come back to bite them in the butt someday. I'm not saying you're like this, but labeling anyone who doesn't love your Pats with the same enthusiasm you do as a "hater" is pretty much along those lines...
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