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+1. I'm a lifelong Patriots, Red Sox and Bruins fan. I remember sitting through that 1-15 season back in '90 or '91. But because you wear that patch on your arm you still watch and support the team. I also remember watching the Bears/Pats Superbowl as well in '86. 46-10 IIRC.

Originally Posted by robj144 View Post
As a diehard Pats fan and just didn't get on the bandwagon as I've followed since the Eason and Grogan when they first got trounced in the Superbowl by the Bears, this season is what it is.

Keep in mind that only one team in the history of the league has been to four straight Superbowls, and they never won one. For the Pats to make it to four in a row, this year, after winning multiple, and after a nearly two decade long run, would be one of the most insane things ever done in the history of all sports.

And the Pats have NOT been the favorite to get to the Superbowl many, many times. The Pats have been in wildcard weekends too.

In its entirety, I'm not really disappointed if they don't get to the Superbowl this year. I am a little disappointed that we didn't get any offensive weapons for Brady and kind of screwed him over a bit.

You can't win it every year.
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