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Originally Posted by CASD57 View Post
Im trying to get Reaper to work, anyone have the settings for output,? Im using win10 and i cant seam to find the right settings in Reaper to listen to it, my Mic works but no playback sound??
I am confused you stated that you were using Cakewalk and it was working for you. ?
Why have you switched to Reaper ?

The first thing I would do is stop and take the time to (as I suggested in another thread) and list your actual system and recording chain

Because a lot of the information the will help you specifically, may in fact be specific to your system.
For example the in/out matrix (In any DAW) is determined by your hardware (your interface)
Also do you know how to take and post screen shots of your computer screen ?
(this will help a bunch in diagnosing your input output issues)
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