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I have limited knowledge of several DAWs--and as some have said above modern recording software has so many features that learning all of them is a mighty task.

Your question is sort of like asking which language is easiest to learn. While it is possible to make distinctions between one language and another regarding things like tenses, amount of gendered words, usage rules and so on, those differences tend to even out in the larger scheme of things.

Conceptually I find that the range of DAWs I've at least fooled around with have similar feature sets,* but the great frustration is that the terminology and workflow for each feature is most always particular to each DAW. Another thing that frustrates new users is that so much of what they do on their screens is based on small screen gadgets and buttons, some of which modify themselves with additional keypresses, clicks, contexts, or "views", so that they seem to come and go. Learning what each "button" means and how they come and go or in what context a choice is offered is a part of the learning curve.

Still the flexibility of what one can do, the kind of "real world" problems they can efficaciously solve just can't be beat!

So my bottom line answer is that when you move to a foreign country (a new DAW) you will need to learn the language and the new lay of the land. You don't have to learn everything all at once, you can't become like a "native" overnight. I would worry more about whatever you can predict about stability of the platform in the future and amount of easily accessible tutorials. Of course nothing about those things are a sure bet. In considering it you have to play the odds.

*Audacity still has as a more limited feature set, which makes it a bit easier to learn to do the most basic recording things I think. I sense you're looking to expand what you can do beyond Audacity.
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