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Originally Posted by Brucebubs View Post
I would not be reaming holes in any guitar to get $4.50 pins to fit.

I've used those exact same bone pins myself.

They are not hard to thin down - I used a small flat file , slowly , bit by bit, rotate the pin, check for fit.

Worked beautifully.

Here's the finished swap I did from plastic to bone on my EJ-200

If the new pins keep pulling up when you bring the strings up to tension look at extending the groove in the pin a little more - like the pin pictured on the left below

This! Reaming the guitar to fit the pins is like cutting off a toe or two to get new shoes to fit.

I know those pins - I got mine from a local guy who sells them with a small wooden block and sand paper so you can take them down to fit your guitar.
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