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Originally Posted by Ralph124C41 View Post
Another update: I took the pins out of the Alvarez and put them in the intended guitar, my "new" Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500MNS ... and they fit perfectly, at first. However the E and A strings are riding high in the saddle. I've tried holding them down with my thumb but there is an audible "thunk" and they rise out a little. Not a lot.

I'm thinking I may need to extend the groove, as you suggested, or maybe the groove in that section is not compeltely carved out. What tool can I use to fix the grooves?
It's the string end binding that catches on the collar of the pin and pulls it up.

Here you can see where I've got the 6E string pin sitting nicely and you can see how I extended the pin groove above that collar. The 5A still needed a little more work to sit down properly.

At first I bought this small 'Diamond Burr Alloy Grinding Head' attachment pictured for my Dremel rotary tool but that actually turned out to be too big for the job.

So I found this set of assorted sizes for just a few dollars on Ebay - and they've been perfect.


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