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Bit of an update: I talked to my luthier friend (he's the guy who makes his own guitars) and he recommended I try to sand down the pins and not to ream out the bridge. I won't have a chance to show him the pins, however, because he is going out of state.

He had an idea to speed up the sanding: He suggested I use a regular power drill, preferably a cordless one, and to carefully insert the pin in the the grip. I suggested using something soft to prevent marks on the pin. And then turn the grip on at slow speed and use the sandpaper to smooth it down. He then suggested using something like those fingernail files to smooth it down more.

I would have to anchor the drill somehow for best results. I will have to try it out if I get tired of doing the process all by hand.

Btw, am I allowed to give his name here or is that against the rules because he is not a sponsor?
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