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Default Bone bridge pins too big. Options?


I bought this set from China for about $4.50 shipped to me. They are not plastic because I tried to melt one and it scorched up real nicely but did not melt. So I assume they are some kind of bone.

They are too big for my Alvarez AD710 but I haven't tried them in any of my other guitars yet. So maybe they will fit but I doubt it.

So what are my options? I could have my luthier pal enlarge the bridge holes for me but I don't want to do that really until I know how good (or bad) these pins are. He may or may not charge me but I don't think he would charge me very much.

Or, as I've read in the past, I could just use some sandpaper and take a few minutes to sand them down by hand. I don't have any other tools to use. If I do that what grit is recommended?

What do you folks think? Is there any other simpler ways to put these pins on a diet so they can fit my guitar?
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