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Originally Posted by Doug Young View Post
I have also never had much luck using headphones for placement. They just sound too different. Instead, I just record, listen, adjust, record, listen, on and on. After doing a lot if that, i dont really need to any more, i pretty much know what will work for me. In addition to the standard location joseph is using, my goto location for xy and solo fingerstyle is centered over the soundhole, about even with the waist. Start maybe 8-10 inches out. If its too boomy, move the mics further back or up. Too thin, move them closer or down. Set the levels by playing as loud as you will possibly play, and make sure the level meters dont peak. No need to normalize, usually not helpful.

Justin, youíre in my neck of the woods, i think. If you want to get together to mess around with recording some of your nice guitars, just give me a shout. Glad to show you what i do if youd find it helpful.
Doug, Iíll shoot you an email. Thanks for the kind offer. Joseph, sorry to derail your thread!
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