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Originally Posted by Joseph Hanna View Post can never “make up ground” by normalizing. That’s a recipe for disaster especially when recording an acoustic instrument. Getting the right input sensitivity is fundamentally a different thing than volume. Get the input (on the Zoom) it’s called “recording level” properly set. It needs to be sufficiently high, without distortion, or everything down stream from that moment is compromised. Recording input level is vital and shouldn’t be confused with volume in your headphones. Set input without your headphones on using the led tree. Then adjust your “volume” in your headphones using the volume control.
Yeah, I’ve tried two techniques per recommendations on this forum. One to try to get the level just right with it just under clipping with the loudest note. This became hard for me to control, and I found I would usually end up clipping in some part of the recording. Others recommended recording at a lower level, to not worry about the signal-to-noise ratio and then normalize afterward. I think if you play one loud note using that method, the track gets normalized to the one outlier - which I guess means you need to play at a relatively consistent volume?
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