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Originally Posted by Dwight View Post
Try different strings, compensate when you are tuning, don't worry about it, play the guitar. Lastly, if it is actually out of tune bring it to a Taylor service center where they can adjust the neck length using shims.
1. No one should "just live with it" nor should one constrain themselves to a particular type of string in order to improve intonation. Many commercially made guitars do not have very accurate intonation out of the box. Most can be adjusted to have quite good intonation. Ideally, one chooses the type, gauge and brand of strings one likes and has the guitar intonation setup for those specific strings.

2. intonation in not adjusted by changing the length of the neck. Typically, it is adjusted by changing the actual vibrating string lengths by changing where the individual strings break over the nut and saddle. Adjusting the string length at the saddle (saddle compensation) is relatively easy to do.
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