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Originally Posted by parlorpower82 View Post
This Colter guy is canadian and tries to pull off the Texas vibe. Idk just seems really fake.
He is clearly drawing from different influences but he seems pretty authentic to me. I hear it as a kind of outlaw vibe that doesn't really belong to any specific region. But I do know what you mean when someone just takes on an accent, it can be off-putting. But, embodying a presence is something different. Like Gillian Welch - when I first heard her, I thought that she was born and raised in Appalachia, but I later found out that she was from Southern California (I think). But she embodies a whole culture in her music and is committed to the expression of that so there is an honoring that happens that transcends any falseness. IMHO.

Originally Posted by Howard Emerson View Post
It’s brilliantly done, and he worked hard to get that particular ‘sitar’ sound. It thoroughly fits the ambiance and aura the song is going for. Regards,Howard Emerson
Yes, I found his vibe really engaging and to me it seems that he's worked to find what he wants to do with both the guitar and the vocal.

Originally Posted by Denny B View Post
Not everybody's cup of tea, but I think he's a talented one of a kind in a landscape littered with clones...
That is what I really responded to. He captured my attention with his voice but kept me there because of a presence that he has committed to, if that makes sense.

I apologize for derailing the thread - I am still happy to discover what the guitar is.

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