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Next up is an Amazon rosewood and Swiss moonspruce CLM. This is the only spec guitar of the three and will be available through Mike Joyce at Luthiers Collection. I am hoping to have this with me at Woodstock also. I'm on the waitlist to exhibit but there are lots of after hours options to play great instruments I'll be there either way.

This one is very similar to much of my recent work. Perfect QS rosewood, bevel cutaway. I expect this will have inset tuners and a decorative backplate too.

I am using the same rosette template as the Ditson here and again with the gold flake resin in the rosette. A little more color here, the variegated oranges and browns in the logwood burl seem well set off by the pale blue in the resin. I think it will really be a nice detail under the gloss.

WEB--Amazon-and-parts by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

WEB--CLM-rosette-whole by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

WEB--CLM-rosette-close by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr
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