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First up is an experiment of sorts. Considering how much fun I had working on Matthew Partricks renaissance guitar last year I couldn't resist another retro style instrument on the bench- This one is heavily styled on the concert sized Ditson and is being built in Birdseye maple and Lutz spruce.

It ook me a while to feel right about the shape. Surprisingly long, really. usually I can draw something and only need to modify it a few times. This one took weeks of staring and tweaking. Once I had it, though, it felt right and it still does. I'm very curious to hear what it will sound like- How it will look too, it will be french polished with some color. I think the maple is going to look great.

For the rosette I am using the style I used on last years rosewood guitar I had with me at Woodstock. Half moons in resin (with gold flake on this one!) inlaid around the soundhole. I think there are a lot of possibilities for this template and I'm not even close to sick of it. Lots more ideas in that vein for the future....

WEB--Maple-and-parts by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

WEB--Ditson-shape by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

WEB--Ditson-rosette by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr

WEB--Ditson-rosette-close by Burton LeGeyt, on Flickr
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