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I was at an event with a live band recently, they sounded really good. Acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and an electric guitarist/fiddle player.

During one of the breaks, I saw the acoustic guitarist and said, "You've got a great acoustic tone, are you using anything special?"

He said, "Yeah--I'm using a chorus pedal. That and I'm using an expensive guitar. It's a $1,500 guitar instead of the $300 guitars I used to use. I'm a professional working musician, and professional working musicians only have one guitar, not like all those guys who have a room full of guitars and never play any gigs."

He looks and me and says, "You've probably got five guitars at home, don't you?"

"Well, just four actually..."

"That's what I figured" he added as he walked off.

Nice meeting you, too.
I learned a long time ago that when someone reacts like that - you're not the one they are angry with; they could have had a terrible day, heard bad news, whatever the case is - they are just venting on you. Don't take it personally, and life is too short to waste on it.

Besides, if this person is really like that all the time, their professional career will not be very long. There's no way a person that much of an idiot could last in a social industry like music performance.

Next time laugh in his face and tell him John Mayer's got over 300 guitars, and he's no John Mayer.