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Originally Posted by JoeCharter View Post
...The truly talented guys and top players are usually very generous and have better things to worry about than stroking their ego by dissing other people...
A number of years ago my wife and I went to see the Down-east Maine trio Schooner Fare in Paramus, NJ; for those of you who aren't familiar they've been a fixture on the Northeast Corridor folk circuit for four decades, played Wolf Trap on numerous occasions, shared bills with many top-name performers (Tommy Makem, Tom Paxton, Christine Lavin, among others), and had a couple of chart-topping recordings in Ireland...

After the show I got to talking with the bass player and banjo player - told them I was a fellow musician...

Picked up a new 4-string tuning and a couple hints to smooth out my bass tone and keep from overloading the amp input - and they were more than happy to share...

Classy guys - and if we weren't already lifetime fans they would have made two on the spot...
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