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Originally Posted by lukybob2 View Post
My understanding is that Mr. Breedlove worked for Taylor for a number of years, so I would think his guitars might be somewhat similar to Taylor guitars.
They don't sound similar to me at all. I've heard that exact point from a lot of people... they are made very differently, so I don't know why because the guy worked there means they would sound the same - unless they're made the same, which isn't the case.

Some also use that point to state that 'middle' theory, that Taylor, Breedlove and Martins are on a kind of line tone wise. Sorry, I don't hear that at all. But I do admit that all three are very tempting choices, and wouldn't really feel bad if I owned any of them... just that the Taylor sound is the least favorite of the three because of the same trait many enjoy. I love that description from a previous poster *Shimmery* That is exactly how I'd describe it. I get why some people like it, and I admit it is compelling in it's own way. But I like sad, broody songs, so it just doesn't fit my style of play, and I confess to a bit of hyperbole in my description about Taylor guitars ;-).
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