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Originally Posted by Bearclaw Spruce View Post
Your experience differs from mine, but then again every guitar even within the same model sounds different - when I compared an Oregon Concert next to a 314ce, I found the 314ce far more open and shimmery sounding and the Oregon (Myrtlewood back and sides if I recall correctly) to be dull sounding in comparison. But if you prefer the Breedlove sound, good for you and glad you've found something you enjoy!
I agree with you on the "shimmery" quality of Taylor guitars in contrast, but I personally HATE that. I also don't like brand new string sound, either, though. Two weeks old after serious daily playing is the sweets spot for me on strings. I know not everyone agrees and thinks this position is a little odd.

Personally, Breedlove's my brand, but to me it's because they sound a little 'broody.' People often say Breedlove is 'between' Taylor and Martin in sound... I think I know what they mean, but I don't know, I think that's an oversimplification, as though these qualities exist on a line. I wouldn't characterize Martins as 'more broody,' as though on a line. They have a nice, rich voice, which I prefer over Taylors, but they don't possess that 'broody' character I enjoy in a Breedlove. Taylor's have a lot of character - that super cheerful morning person who has WAY too much energy and you want to strangle every time you see them. I acknowledge Taylor's as a great instrument, but I always feel like I have to clean off the glitter from my shoulders after playing one - I'm not a 13 year old girl or a stripper, so glitter is NOT cool to me.
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