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Originally Posted by madhat View Post
Drake- welcome to AGF!

Larrivee builds some great guitars! I'm a big fan of their quality and tone.

I think the OM40 would be sweet.

*like many acoustic guitar players- you seem sensitive to feel.

The only problem I had with Larrivee was the relatively flat fret board radius.
When playing for extended periods it just worked my finger tips over- and creates a feeling of higher string tension...

This doesn't seem to bother some folks- and I am sure it would depend on style of play etc...

Just a thought- good luck with the hunt!

Thanks!!! This is really helpful. The string tension feeling is a big thing. I often play coffee shop gigs and house concerts with 2 hour sets and my style is sort of folkish, so I do a lot of finger picking. I appreciate the heads up
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