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II'm glad Holloway was able to bring out something better. I am very pleased with my Model 5 although I would have preferred an ebony fretboard. They're supposed to be coming out with those soon but it's not worth buying another one at this point. Not with the possibility of a 20-string on the horizon!

I play re-arrangements of songs I know but about 80% of my HG material is original. I often tell people that the best thing about HG is that Joe Public doesn't know anything about it so you're not bound by someone else's body of work. If you sit down with a regular 6-string, everybody has a list of songs they want to hear. With a harp guitar, all you get is curiosity about the instrument, how it sounds, and how you play it.

I've seen SB and John Doan recently but didn't get to play with them. Maybe next time...
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