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Default Moving right along!

So we have the shop set up, for the most part. So, on to my next question, which concerns the bridge of the guitar.

These are medium-jumbo sized guitars, using the plans from StewMac. On mine, which has an engelmann top and EIR back and sides with a honduran mahogany neck, I have two options for bridge material; ebony or EIR. As I understand it, the bridge dimensions and material can have a huge impact on sound, so I want to be very careful here. My belief is that the ebony bridge would be the better of the two, because the resonance of the EIR, coupled with the sizable body of the guitar will produce a lot of sound, and so the slight deadening effect of the ebony would make it seem like a good pick.

However, this is my first build, so if I'm wrong go ahead and shoot me down!

So, we're adding more lighting tomorrow, but here is my brother showing his son how to use the bench sander ($78 at Harbor Freight!) Don't worry...that's MY beer in the background, not the kid's.
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