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Congratulations on your first build!

In my opinion, if you *really* want to have a guitar that sounds closer to cedar / rosewood v. sitka / maple, why not go with a cedar top to accomodate one of the variables (and, of course the fact that the majority of the sound comes from the top anyway).

BTW, if you were wondering about how Port Orford Cedar sounds on an OM, I built a 12-fret 000 for my dad a while back with Port Orford / EI Rosewod. You can hear how the guitar sounded playing fingerstyle on it after being strung up for a few days @ this post. It was a bit ... okay, well, a lot sloppy, but at least you can hear how it sounded.

Side note @Braddah Henderson!: Building your first guitar? Next time I come back home to the islands, I'd love to get a chance to play it! I'll bring my dad's guitar with me and we can jam
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