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Default Building my first guitar - Looking for advice

Hey there everyone, I'm going to be starting my first build soon, and though I've been reading everything and watching every video on the subject for a long time, when it comes right down to matching the right tonewoods to get the sound I am looking for, I'm a little sketchy. This is because I made the somewhat impulsive move to buy a nice oregon myrtle back and side set that I found on ebay.

So, I'm going for an instrument that is good for fingerstyle but won't be completely overpowered if I start strumming, and will hopefully have a sound that is closer to, let's say, a rosewood/cedar-topped guitar than a maple/sitka one. From everything I've read, oregon myrtle seems to fall into a range somewhere between indian rosewood and maple. Cool. That's fine. But how can I ensure that it stays more towards the IR side?

For the top I've been considering port orford cedar and lutz spruce. However, redwood and red cedar are also options.

Does anyone know how port orford/myrtle in an OM body might sound? I should mention I'm probably going to make the body depth 4.5".

Any help is welcome.

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