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Originally Posted by oscarvan View Post
Yup, thanks for the reply and I just got off the phone with Strings and Beyond, and it turns out Bluegrass players do just that. Which makes sense.... thumb the heavy bass strings and then tickle the nice light treble strings....

So there's the D'Addario EJ14, Martin MA240, John Pearse 250LM and the Elixir 11077 sets..... all labeled "Light Medium".

Interesting. One of each ordered.

In the meantime in anticipation of that I also switched the D form a light to a medium.

Whoa.... I am REALLY liking where this is going..... This is a sound I can get used to!
Martin Monels (Retros) also have two different flavors of light medium, one is a Tony Rice endorsed set, the other a Laurence Juber endorsed set. They're both 13-56, but they vary quite a bit between 13 and 56. Worth looking at. And they have a standard medium set as well. The Laurence Juber set goes significantly lighter on the G-D-A strings, The Tony Rice set is lighter on the four middle strings, but not as light as the Juber on the three relevant strings.

I like Monels a lot on my X7 and LOVE them on my 000-15SM. I do slightly prefer DR Sunbeams on my X7, but the lights sound great and the mediums, inexplicably, don't sound good at all. I think I probably like the Monels as much as the Sunbeams on my X7, but they're different, and since I play Monels exclusively on my Martin, I keep it varied by using Sunbeams on my X7. I don't think they make a medium light set of Sunbeams though.

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