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Originally Posted by SprintBob View Post

Regarding using a volume envelope you need to be aware that when you increase or decrease the volume of a particular note at a
particular time in the recording you will be doing the same with the other notes that were already ringing out on the guitar (even
true with a equalizer envelope due to all the overtones going on). Probably more noticeable (going on for a longer time) when using
a reverb. Listen carefully to tell whether that becomes an issue.
Great point. Yeah, the busier your part the more you have to back up and find the beginning of all the sustained notes or itís going to get pretty weird fast. Come to think of it I've done more of this when flatpicking fiddle tunes, even in a duo where we're in separate tracks with a lot of bleed, if itís mostly single note lines it's more than fair game And for me, most of the time it's borderline subliminal with less than one db tweak -though if it's a cool harmonic or something I might push the bounds of good taste and crank it up pretty far for a youtube video or social media post..
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