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Originally Posted by Coastman View Post
I also ordered a Gibson studio ES339 from CME a couple weeks ago, taking advantage of their special sale pricing. Unfortunately it arrived with major fret issues (frets cut too short) and horribly ragged edge binding on the fretboard. Looked like a kid used a pocket knife to trim and whittle the binding. CME was great. They paid to ship it back, no problem. While I suspect I received an unusual lemon, I decided to not risk another studio model so they gave me a very fair price to upgrade to a regular (non studio) ES-339. It arrived last Monday and it is awesome! Excellent fit and finish, near perfect set up and looks and sounds fantastic. No comparison to the studio version I originally received.

Kudos to CME. Great service and great guitar!

I greatly prefer the smaller size of the 339 vs the 335 (likewise I prefer smaller bodied acoustics (OM ) vs. dreadnaught size). But the 335 certainly ranks as one of historyís iconic guitars!

Congratulations to the OP on your new ES 335! Enjoy!

Reading this was making my heart sink... hopefully I donít receive a lemon. Was yours a floor model? Or was it used?

What kind of deal did they work out with you to upgrade to the big boy? (If you donít mind me asking)

Congrats on the new guitar! Iíd love to see a NGD post with some pics!

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